Human Resource Management for Media and Information Firms

  • Eli M. Noam


The author discusses the Human Resource Management (HRM) function and its organization, looking first at “hard HRM” (financially oriented HRM by the numbers). This includes finance approaches to investment in human capital; internal labor mobility; the structuring of organizational hierarchies and compensation; and measures of productivity. The second part of the chapter deals with labor unions. It covers different segments of media and digital employees: the industrial workforce; crafts (skilled) people; creatives; freelancers; and middle managers. The third part of the chapter covers HRM by human touch: “soft control” or managing and motivating the creative workforce; models of personality and of motivation: the need for esteem and self-actualization; and corporate culture. The author also discusses the impact of the digital economy on employment and the consequences for digital management. The Disney company is analyzed as the case study for HRM practices.

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