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The author discusses whether there is the need for a distinct “media management” and what the different approaches to the study and the teaching of media management have been. This book proceeds as a matrix of major management functions such as marketing, financing, human resource management, distribution, pricing, and so on, applied to the several media industries.



The material was tested out at several universities. At the Columbia Business School, many people contributed their talent and energy. I thank the School and Dean Glenn Hubbard for summer support, and the Columbia Institute of Tele-Information (CITI) for providing the environment and research structure. Two people, in particular, deserve huge thanks. Jason Buckweitz, Executive Director of CITI, held this project together with an amazing combination of skills in research, management, technology, and law. Many thanks also go to Corey Spencer, Assistant Director of CITI, for superb administration and assistance on numerous levels and tasks. I am grateful to both colleagues for their dedicated and outstanding contribution to this large project.

They were assisted by teams of able young summer college interns and research assistants. Several young professionals also contributed during their stays at Columbia: John Lozcano, Aleksandra Kotlyar, Ann Bizberge, Boris Nicholson, Inho Lee, and John Heywood.

The book, covering so much ground, draws from numerous sources and authors, and I am indebted to them all. About 3000 citations for sources have been used or referenced, but should I have inadvertently omitted giving adequate credit to a source or author, my apologies. Several authors have been particularly important and deserve special mention. They are Haig Nalbantian (for the chapter on HRM); Alexander Poltorak (Intellectual Assets); Matthew Stewart (Strategy); Thomas Nagle and his co-authors (Pricing); Edward Jay Epstein (Production, and more); and my professor of many years ago, Richard Caves.

Several outside experts have been helpful in reviewing parts of the manuscript and deserve much thanks. In addition to several anonymous referees, they are Harold Vogel (himself a noted author in this field), Scott MacDonald, McAdory Lipscomb, Jr., Paulo Faustino, and Devin Brook.

At Palgrave Macmillan, I thank my editor, Shaun Vigil, Editor of Film, Cultural and Media Studies, for supporting this big project with trust, patience, and good judgment. We also thank Glenn Ramirez and Tikoji Rao for their dedicated contribution to the editorial process.

The greatest of thanks go to my wife, Nadine Strossen, champion of free speech and open media. She inspires me every day.

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