The Impact of the Shia-Sunni Political Struggle and Future Strategies for Christians and Other Vulnerable Communities in the Middle East

  • Brian Katulis
Part of the Minorities in West Asia and North Africa book series (MWANA)


Katulis provides a strategic assessment of the security and political dynamics reshaping the Middle East and their impact on Christian communities across the Middle East. He argues that the continued presence of Christians and other vulnerable groups in the region will require a shift in policy planning on the part of the United States, Europe, and Russia that involves working with regional partners to develop a positive agenda that supports religious freedom, equality, and basic rights for all its people. Finally, Katulis analyzes the impact of U.S. foreign policy on these dynamics during the past few years and concludes with a preliminary analysis on the impact of President Donald Trump and his new administration on these same dynamics.

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  • Brian Katulis
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