The “Responsibility to Protect” and the Dangers of Military Intervention in Fragile States

  • Anthony C. Zinni
Part of the Minorities in West Asia and North Africa book series (MWANA)


After the relief that surfaced at the end of the Cold War, Pentagon strategists described the world as “volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous.” Zinni describes how U.S. intervention in a number of conflicts resulted in disastrous consequences. In fact, past experience has shown that the use of the military to protect at-risk groups from potential religious cleansing has not succeeded. He advises strategists to establish clear objectives of the consequences of U.S. actions and an analysis of what to do “the day after.” Although the military has dynamic war plans that are continually updated and adjusted, Zinni outlines that no counterpart plan exists in other governmental agencies to deal with the non-military and post-conflict aspects of an intervention.

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  • Anthony C. Zinni
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  1. 1.The Middle East Institute, Honorary ChairmanWashington, DCUSA

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