Ovarian Endometriosis

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Ovarian endometriosis is a common form of endometriosis. Typically, on ultrasound, it appears as a cystic lesion with “ground-glass” echogenicity with no papillary projection or solid areas. This cystic lesion is also known as an ovarian endometrioma or “chocolate cyst” due to the cyst’s content.

Supplementary material

Video 5.1

In this video, acoustic streaming in a case of ovarian endometrioma can be observed. Note the movement of the cyst’s particles (AVI 9349 kb) (AVI 9349 kb)

Video 5.2

In this case, the adhesion of the ovary to the uterus is clearly noted when moving the transvaginal probe back and forth (MP4 1342 kb) (MP4 1342 kb)

Video 5.3

In this case, the ovarian endometrioma is not attached to the uterus, and we can observe the sliding of the cyst against the cervix (MP4 965 kb) (MP4 965 kb)

Video 5.4

This video corresponds to a case of endometrioma decidualization during pregnancy. A highly vascularized cystic solid mass can be seen. The cyst was surgically removed, and histologic analysis proved it was a decidualized endometrioma (MP4 4081 kb) (MP4 4081 kb)


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