Rectovaginal Septum Endometriosis

  • Gernot Hudelist
  • Kristine Aas-Eng


The rectovaginal septum (RVS) is located in the posterior compartment of the pelvis situated retroperitoneally between the posterior wall of the vagina and the anterior part of the rectum [1]. It is a specific anatomical structure consisting of strong connective tissue between the rectum and the vagina. Histopathological studies have demonstrated that it is formed of a network of collagen and elastic fibres, small vessels, smooth muscle cells and nerve fibres predominantly deriving from the autonomic inferior hypogastric plexus [2]. It thereby connects the perineal body and endopelvic fascia (Fig. 11.1). Anatomically the RVS is described to extend from the base of the rectovaginal pouch of Douglas to the urogenital diaphragm at the top of the perineal body (Fig. 11.2) [3].


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