Endometriosis: Clinical and Anatomical Considerations

  • Sukhbir S. SinghEmail author


Endometriosis is one of the most challenging diseases to diagnose and manage in gynecology today. It is a common condition and has been reported to have an overall prevalence of 5–10% in the general population [1, 2]. In females with pelvic pain and infertility, endometriosis is known to have a higher prevalence of 50% and 25–40%, respectively [3, 4].



Dr. S. Singh would like to acknowledge his local team for making it possible to provide great multidisciplinary care that includes nursing support, expert imaging, and great surgical care. Drs. Margaret Fraser, Shauna Duigenan, and Vincent Della Zazzera provide local expert imaging for complex endometriosis cases. Our fellows Drs. Michael Suen, Cici Zhu, and Maris Yap-Garcia provide surgical and clinical care. Our residents, Drs. Heather Stone and Devon Evans, worked on educational material to help advance our teaching of surgical approaches. Shannen McDonald, Karen Deme, Kelly Lacombe, Monique Newman, and Ottawa Hospital staff help support our patients through their journey. Our surgical team includes Drs. Kristina Arendas, Innie Chen, Karine Lortie, and Hassan Shenassa. Our interdisciplinary team of surgeons includes Drs. S. Gilbert (Thoracics), S. Tadros (General Surgery), and The Ottawa Hospital Urology and Colorectal Services. Finally, our research team including Dr. Teresa Flaxman, Ms. Erica Nichols, Carly Cooke, Suzanah Wojcik, and Cairina Frank help with our endometriosis research program.

Supplementary material

Video 1.1

Scar endometriosis—An example of a post cesarean section incisional endometriosis nodule resulting in cyclical left lower quadrant pain and a palpable mass. (Courtesy of Dr. S. Singh) (MP4 123088 kb)

Video 1.2

Excision of superficial endometriosis—An educational video. (Courtesy of Dr. M. Suen) (MP4 332944 kb)

Video 1.3

Surgical approach to endometriosis of the posterior cul-de-sac. (Courtesy of Dr. D. Evans and M. Suen) (WMV 261723 kb)

Video 1.4

Video demonstrating excision of an invasive bladder nodule. (Courtesy of Dr. S. Singh) (MOV 799350 kb)


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