Mentorship/Sponsorship and Leadership in Academic Surgery: Similarities and Differences

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As is the case for any organizational entity or occupational discipline, mentorship and

sponsorship are essential in the establishment in sustained leadership in academic surgery.

While “mentorship” occurs when information and counsel are provided (with an expectation of

support and guidance), “sponsorship” denotes more active involvement and interface with the

person(s) being supported, which includes the sponsor taking on an active advocacy role. The

main pillars of the foundation of leadership include the following:
  • Integrity

  • Vision

  • Judgment

  • Commitment

  • Strategic experience

Communicative skills, generosity, administrative/organizational expertise, and implementation

abilities are the requisite operational components that facilitate strong leadership. Acquisition of

such operational components cannot be achieved without meaningful mentorship/sponsorship.


Mentorship/sponsorship Leadership Academic surgery 


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