Music in the Academy: Process, Product, and the Cultivation of Humanity

  • Linda C. Ferguson
Part of the The Arts in Higher Education book series (AHE)


In the academy, as in contemporary society, music’s role extends beyond recreation and entertainment. The act of creating, whether by composer or performer, moves inner knowledge outward and proffers a communicative transaction which can be the start of community. While tensions exist between educational models of liberal and professional study, music provides a potential model for integration, balancing action and reflection, the abstract and the concrete. Drawing on Nussbaum’s vision of liberal learning in the post-modern age (Cultivating Humanity, 1997), music is considered as a distinctive expressive form capable of mediation between the spiritual and the material; between the cultivated and the vernacular; and between the self and the other.


Music in academia Music in public life Music and community Liberal and professional learning 

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  • Linda C. Ferguson
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