US-Guided Nerve Blocks: Procedure Technique

  • Filomena PuntilloEmail author
  • Laura Bertini
  • Mario Bosco
  • Mario Tedesco
  • Marco Baciarello


The introduction of ultrasound guidance has been a marked advance in the practice of regional anaesthesia, and has gained popularity as an adjunct or alternative to nerve stimulation technique. Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks consist of the identification of the target nerve, visualization of the surrounding anatomy (such as blood vessels, lymph nodes, and other important structures), needle tip, and real-time observation of the local anesthetic spread. Peripheral nerves can be identified and traced to alternative sites where local anaesthetic can be safely injected without the risk of neurovascular injury. Direct visualization of the target nerve and deposition of local anesthetic has been shown to improve block operating efficiency while decreasing placement complications and patient discomfort.


Ultrasound Peripheral nerves Musculoskeletal system Peripheral nerve block Regional anahestesia Nerve stimulation Anahestetic drugs 

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