External Valvuloplasty of the Sapheno-Femoral Junction

  • Paolo ZamboniEmail author
  • Sergio Gianesini


The optimal treatment of any illness is the restoration of the normal function. If the function of all the venous valves could be restored, the problem with superficial venous insufficiency was solved. In some situations and selected patients, an answer has been found in the form of the external valvuloplasty of the proximal valves in the great saphenous vein. The sapheno-femoral junction is coated with a soft non-absorbable material (PTFE) so to reduce the calibre and achieve again the closing of the terminal and preterminal valves. About 95% of competent saphenous valves in the follow-up, consequently finding an orthograde, restored flow in the saphenous vein, a calibre reduction, as well as clinical restoration of the symptoms. Further investigation on materials and techniques is going on in this very promising field of venous surgery.


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