Cooperative Resonances: An Interview with Major General Herbert Bauer and Franz Jenewein

  • Daniela Ingruber


Franz Jenewein, the Director of the Tyrolean Bildungshaus Grillhof, the centre where the MA Program for Peace Studies resides, and Major General Herbert Bauer, Commander of the Austrian Army in Tyrol, have both been crucial partners, important supporters and friends of Wolfgang Dietrich for many years. Dietrich uses to say that without them the MA Program would neither have been possible nor sustainable. Though in quite different roles, Franz Jenewein as the host at the Grillhof and Major General Bauer as the host and organizer of the Military Training Native Challenge in the MA Program, they have quite diverse interpretations of the transrational perspective, which fit together perfectly well. They have integrated them into their lives and work a long time ago. A talk with them adds to the ideas of Wolfgang Dietrich in a very special and practical way, which will make the readers understand new details and perspectives.

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