Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care: Training Current and Future Providers

  • David Baron
  • Chih-An Andy WongEmail author
  • Young Ji Jenice Kim
  • Bulent Coskun
  • Lawrence Gross


In this chapter the authors will discuss an important aspect of the integration of behavioral health (specifically psychiatry) and primary care from a global perspective. The chapter examines this topic through the continuum of medical education, from medical student to psychiatry residency, and concludes with a discussion of post-residency continuing education opportunities. Current psychiatry residents share their experience in working in an integrated primary care clinic, highlighting the challenges and rewards. The need to fully integrate this concept into all aspects of medical training is the primary goal of the authors. This will require a change in culture from the existing specialty-driven approach to patient care. It will also help address the current crisis in limited access to mental health care around the world. There will never be an adequate number of psychiatrists given the current model of mental health-care delivery. This is not a new problem, but altering current training experiences has the potential to begin this necessary transition in mental health-care delivery. Achieving this goal will improve the overall quality of life for patients worldwide.


Psychiatry Integrated care Collaborative care Psychiatry residency Interdisciplinary training Primary care Psychoeducation Medical education 


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