The Anatomic Stemless Humeral Prosthesis

  • Nael Hawi
  • Peter Habermeyer


Since 1951, early applications of shoulder arthroplasty underwent a complete transition in the development of humeral and glenoidal components, towards a more anatomical, modular, revisable, or convertible design (Figs. 25.1 and 25.2). The very first stemless humeral head prosthesis was implanted in 2004. Currently, most manufacturers offer stemless prostheses. The anchorage is cementless and metaphyseal. Thus, one can differentiate between a purely metaphyseal press fit anchorage and a metaphyseal press fit combined with epiphyseal bracing with a compression screw and a collar-bearing baseplate (trunion), to maintain additional primary stability. The advantages of this technique are that it saves intraoperative time, employs a stemless implant, produces less blood loss, incurs less trauma to the humeral shaft, and carries a lower risk of periprosthetic fracture. Additionally the access to the glenoid is compared to resurfacing arthroplasty much easier.


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  • Peter Habermeyer
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