Formulation of Two Stage Multiple Kernel Learning Using Regression Framework

  • S. S. Shiju
  • Asif Salim
  • S. SumitraEmail author
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Multiple kernel learning (MKL) is an approach to find the optimal kernel for kernel methods. We formulated MKL as a regression problem for analyzing the regression data and hence the data modeling problem involves the computation of two functions, namely, the optimal kernel function which is related with MKL and the optimal regression function which generates the data. As such a formulation demands more space requirements supervised pre-clustering technique has been used for selecting the vital data points. We used two stage optimization for finding the models, in which, the optimal kernel function is found in the first stage and the optimal regression function in the second stage. Using kernel ridge regression the proposed method had been applied on real world problems and the experimental results were found to be promising.


Multiple kernel learning Regression Kernel ridge regression 


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