Biometric Counter-Spoofing for Mobile Devices Using Gaze Information

  • Asad Ali
  • Nawal Alsufyani
  • Sanaul Hoque
  • Farzin DeraviEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10597)


With the rise in the use of biometric authentication on mobile devices, it is important to address the security vulnerability of spoofing attacks where an attacker using an artefact representing the biometric features of a genuine user attempts to subvert the system. In this paper, techniques for presentation attack detection are presented using gaze information with a focus on their applicability for use on mobile devices. Novel features that rely on directing the gaze of the user and establishing its behaviour are explored for detecting spoofing attempts. The attack scenarios considered in this work include the use of projected photos, 2D and 3D masks. The proposed features and the systems based on them were extensively evaluated using data captured from volunteers performing genuine and spoofing attempts. The results of the evaluations indicate that gaze-based features have the potential for discriminating between genuine attempts and imposter attacks on mobile devices.


Biometrics Spoofing Presentation attacks Mobile security Liveness detection 


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