Recording Maxillomandibular Relations

  • Yasemin K. ÖzkanEmail author
  • Begum Turker
  • Rifat Gozneli


Establishing the correct jaw relation is one of the most important aspects of prosthodontics. The relationship between the mandible and maxilla in a dentate patient is described with the reference of occlusion in addition to the reference of temporomandibular joints. On the other hand, for edentulous patients, only the position of temporomandibular joints can be used as a reference for recording the maxillomandibular relation. Although many techniques have been proposed to determine the maxillomandibular relationship, none of them has been demonstrated to be the best. One technique should support the other. This process should be well known for transferring the patient’s exact jaw relations to the dental laboratory so that the dental technician can establish the correct occlusion for the prosthesis. In this chapter, definitions, rules, and basic techniques for recording jaw relations are described.

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  • Begum Turker
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  • Rifat Gozneli
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