Evaluation of Try-In Stage

  • Yasemin K. ÖzkanEmail author
  • Yılmaz Umut Aslan
  • Buket Evren


The final try-in stage provides testing of the denture for the dentist and the patient and correction of the teeth arrangement. In this phase, the lack of doing changes and a sufficient review can cause an increase in the problems that will emerge after the delivery of the dentures, and even it may be necessary to remake the dentures. Try-in of a complete denture is an extremely important session in both laboratory and clinic. Since this is the last session to determine and correct the teeth arrangement and the patient’s problems, the dentist should act very carefully and sensitively in the try-in stage. The dentures should not be finished without obtaining the approval of the patient. This chapter reviews the important points that should be considered during the evaluation of try-in stage.

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