Duplicate (Copy) Dentures

  • Yasemin K. ÖzkanEmail author
  • Yılmaz Umut Aslan
  • Ender Kazazoğlu


The aim of fabricating a duplicate denture is to transfer the contour of the old dentures to the new dentures, so that the neuromuscular coordination of the patient is preserved. Thus, acceptable esthetic and function can be achieved without changing the patient’s adaptation to the new dentures. In this chapter, indications, duplication techniques and fabrication of the duplicate dentures are explained in detail.

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  • Yılmaz Umut Aslan
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  • Ender Kazazoğlu
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  2. 2.Faculty of Dentistry, Department of ProsthodonticsYeditepe ÜniversityIstanbulTurkey

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