Anterior Tooth Selection and Arrangement

  • Buket Evren
  • Yasemin K. ÖzkanEmail author


Esthetics is one of the main considerations for patients in prosthetic treatment. The size and form of anterior teeth are important not only for dental esthetics but also for facial esthetics. According to some researchers, beauty, harmony, naturalness, and individuality are major qualities of esthetics. The facial esthetics of a person is composed of several dynamic and static components. Anterior teeth have direct effects on facial expressions especially in complete denture wearers. Esthetical and physiological tooth arrangements make the complete denture biologically harmonious and satisfactory. In addition to enhancing the psychology of the patient with esthetics, proper placement of teeth should be provided for function. This chapter reviews the main principles for anterior tooth selection and arrangement in complete denture cases.

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