Essential Domains in Transition Planning and the Roles of Various Constituents

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The child and adolescent psychiatrist (CAP) has a unique role in helping choreograph the transition to college of youths with special needs. In collaboration with the youth and his/her parents, school personnel, and other mental health providers, the CAP can help focus the youth’s skill development and familiarity with a body of information needed for a successful transition to college. The skills and information needed for a smooth transition can be organized into six essential domains: Health Condition Knowledge and Skills; Self-Advocacy Knowledge and Skills; Independent Life Skills; Psychosocial Development; Academic Skills and Executive Function; and Anticipatory Guidance. The purpose of skill development is to improve the youth’s independent functioning prior to matriculation at college, so that the youth can handle the demands of college life, while maintaining treatment regimens and healthy living. Possessing specific information about the college system of care, as well as anticipating some of the socioemotional challenges of life on a college campus are also essential to emotional stability and relapse prevention. Parents, providers, and the transitional age youth, all, have specific tasks to carry out to assist with a successful and healthy move to college.


Child and Adolescent psychiatrist Transition to college Essential domains of college readiness Relapse prevention 


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