Verifying Temporal Properties of C Programs via Lazy Abstraction

  • Zhao Duan
  • Cong TianEmail author
  • Zhenhua Duan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10610)


To verify both safety and liveness temporal properties of programs in practice, this paper investigates scalable Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) property verification approach of C programs. We show that the verification target can be accomplished as a scalable lazy abstraction supplemented Counter-Example Guided Abstraction Refinement (CEGAR) based program analysis task. As a result, the scalable lazy abstraction based safety property analysis approaches as well as their mature supporting tools can be reused to verify temporal properties of C programs. We have implemented the proposed approach in TPChecker to verify temporal properties of C programs. Experimental results on benchmark programs show that the proposed approach performs well when verifying non-safety temporal properties of C programs.


Temporal property Lazy abstraction Linear temporal logic Model checking CEGAR 


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