Perceptions of Plurality: The Impact of the Refugee Crisis on the Interpretation of Religious Pluralization in Europe

  • Gert Pickel
Part of the Religion and Global Migrations book series (RGM)


Combining theoretical and empirical approaches, this chapter examines the impact of the current so-called refugee crisis on the perception of plurality in Europe. Using socio-psychological and sociological theories, Gert Pickel analyzes the connections between religious plurality, religious identity, and political identity. He presents comparative empirical results that demonstrate both obstacles and opportunities for these theories with regard to a variety of European countries. Results from recent surveys are analyzed in order to offer (some) answers to the questions of how European citizens view refugees, religion, and religious pluralization; what challenges result from these views for the Christian churches; and what conclusions are to be drawn for the relation between politics and religion in Europe today.

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  • Gert Pickel
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