Analysing data acquired from one or more buildings (through specialist sensors, energy generation capability such as PV panels or smart meters) via a cloud-based Local Energy Management System (LEMS) is increasingly gaining in popularity. In a LEMS, various smart devices within a building are monitored and/or controlled to either investigate energy usage trends within a building, or to investigate mechanisms to reduce total energy demand. However, whenever we are connecting externally monitored/controlled smart devices there are security and privacy concerns. We describe the architecture and components of a LEMS and provide a survey of security and privacy concerns associated with data acquisition and control within a LEMS. Our scenarios specifically focus on the integration of Electric Vehicles (EV) and Energy Storage Units (ESU) at the building premises, to identify how EVs/ESUs can be used to store energy and reduce the electricity costs of the building. We review security strategies and identify potential security attacks that could be carried out on such a system, while exploring vulnerable points in the system. Additionally, we will systematically categorize each vulnerability and look at potential attacks exploiting that vulnerability for LEMS. Finally, we will evaluate current counter measures used against these attacks and suggest possible mitigation strategies.


Internet of Things Security and privacy Smart grids 



This work was carried out in the InnovateUK/EPSRC-funded “Ebbs and Flows of Energy Systems” (EFES) project.


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