The Changing Face of Model-Driven Engineering

  • Richard F. PaigeEmail author
  • Athanasios Zolotas
  • Dimitris Kolovos


Model-Driven Engineering has been studied and applied for many years, and it has evolved to a state where it has been used successfully in a variety of substantial projects. It is now at a state of maturity where there are potentially significant challenges to future adoption. In this chapter, we outline the state of practice in Model-Driven Engineering and point to two important future research directions: support for more flexible approaches to modelling and support for legacy models and modelling technologies.


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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, via the LSCITS initiative, as well as the support of the European Commission via the MONDO and OSSMETER projects. Finally, we acknowledge the support of Innovate UK via the SECT-AIR project.


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