Eyelid Reconstruction

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Eyelid defects require precise closure to maintain proper function and appearance of the eye. Repair of the defects depends on their location and extent. Superficial tissue involving the skin and orbicularis may require simple closure or development of flaps or grafts. Full-thickness eyelid injury requires precise assessment of available surrounding tissue and closure of the lid at several levels. Deeper injury to the orbit may involve exploration and repair of the lacrimal drainage system, orbital bones, or the globe itself. Evaluation and repair of these delicate structures requires a fundamental knowledge of the regional anatomy as well as a thorough understanding of reconstructive techniques.

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Video 6.1

Canalicular laceration (MP4 411315 kb)

Video 6.2

Pentagonal resection of eyelid margin tumor (MP4 315689 kb)

Video 6.3

Eyelid reconstruction with semi circular flap (MP4 522196 kb)

Video 6.4

Cutler beard upper eyelid reconstruction (MP4 711767 kb)

Video 6.5

Cutler beard reconstruction stage 2 (MP4 150520 kb)

Video 6.6

Hughes reconstruction stage 2 (MP4 183273 kb)

Video 6.7

Hughes lower eyelid reconstruction (MP4 627899 kb)

Video 6.8

Eyelid reconstruction with full thickness skin graft (MP4 624467 kb)

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