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Anytime the eyelid droops, blepharoptosis results. The condition is cosmetically noticeable even in the earliest stages. When significant visual field defect occurs, it becomes a functional problem. Blepharoptosis repair is one of the most common oculoplastic procedures performed. Accurate evaluation of the patient with blepharoptosis will lead the surgeon to choose an appropriate surgical procedure and minimize the incidence of complications. An understanding of the etiology of the various subtypes of eyelid ptosis is also important in surgical decision-making.

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Video 5.1

Ptosis repair with Müller’s muscle-conjunctival resection (MP4 207710 kb)

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Levator advancement ptosis repair (MP4 482389 kb)

Video 5.3

Levator resection ptosis repair (MP4 684308 kb)

Video 5.4

Silicone rod frontalis sling (MP4 394455 kb)

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