Endoscopic Midface Lift

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  • Geoffrey J. Gladstone


Over the past two decades, new techniques for facial rejuvenation have been developed to address not only the excess laxity of the aging facial skin, but also the inferior descent that characterizes the aging face. The traditional facelift, even with a SMAS plication, is directed at correcting excess laxity, but in the author’s opinion it has the drawback of tightening the tissues in an anteroposterior direction without adequately addressing age-related tissue descent. A vertical lift is a more anatomically correct method of counteracting the vertical displacement of the face that is responsible for prominent nasolabial folds, a skeletonized appearance of the lower eyelids and malar prominence, and, to a lesser degree, the pre-jowl sulcus.

Supplementary material

Video 4.1

Endoscopic midface lift: external portion (MP4 643440 kb)

Video 4.2

Endoscopic midface lift: endoscopic portion and closure (MP4 406622 kb)


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