Be a Witch, Be a Woman: Gendered Characterisation of Terry Pratchett’s Witches

  • Alice Nuttall
Part of the Critical Approaches to Children's Literature book series (CRACL)


Alice Nuttall employs a gender lens in this chapter, and analyses the ambiguous relationship between witchcraft and womanhood in the Discworld novels. Highlighting the witches’ ambiguous exceptionalism, which tends to isolate ‘the witch’ from ‘the woman’, Nuttall examines the complex negotiations between witchcraft and womanhood, and how these manifest through labour, interpersonal relationships, and the paradox of the witches’ centred-yet-marginalised position in ‘their’ villages.


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  • Alice Nuttall
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  1. 1.Oxford Brookes UniversityOxfordUK

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