Normal Neck Anatomy and Method of Performing Ultrasound Examination

  • Vijaya Chockalingam
  • Sarah Smith
  • Mira MilasEmail author


Ultrasound is the single most informative and versatile radiologic modality applied to the evaluation of thyroid and parathyroid glands. The high-resolution ultrasound images reveal details of both normal and pathologic endocrine neck anatomy and inform clinical diagnosis management. With unique benefits of real-time imaging, ultrasound use has expanded to clinician-performed examinations by diverse specialists, including radiologists, endocrinologists, and surgeons.

The key requirements of successful sonographic imaging and interpretation of thyroid and parathyroid disease are knowledge and recognition of relevant normal anatomy. The methodical, consistent, and careful conduct of the ultrasound exam then allows acquisition of details that are critical to optimal patient care. Thus chapter summarizes essential aspects of this “thinker” and “doer” approach to endocrine neck ultrasound.


Ultrasound Scanning protocol Normal thyroid Normal anatomy Sonographer 


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