Globalizer Lite: A Software System for Solving Global Optimization Problems

  • Alexander V. SysoyevEmail author
  • Anna S. Zhbanova
  • Konstantin A. Barkalov
  • Victor P. Gergel
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 753)


In this paper, we describe the Globalizer Lite software system for solving global optimization problems. This system implements an approach to solving global optimization problems applying a block multistage scheme of dimension reduction that combines the use of Peano curve type evolvents and a multistage reduction scheme. The scheme allows for an efficient parallelization of the computations and a significant increase in the number of processors employed in the parallel solution of global optimization search problems. We also describe the synchronous and asynchronous schemes of MPI-implementation of this approach in the Globalizer Lite software system, and present a comparison of these schemes demonstrating the advantage of the asynchronous variant.


Multidimensional multiextremal optimization Global search algorithms Parallel computations Dimension reduction Block multistage dimension reduction scheme 


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