Lignocellulosic Biomass for Energy, Biofuels, Biomaterials, and Chemicals

  • Abla Alzagameem
  • Basma El Khaldi-Hansen
  • Birgit KammEmail author
  • Margit Schulze


The main objective of this chapter is to explore the lignocellulose feedstock (LCF) biorefinery for industrial usage according to green chemistry principles. In particular, the isolation and valorization of lignin as one of the most interesting intermediates of LCF biorefineries is discussed, including lignin isolation, purification, and structure analysis. Structure elucidation involves various chromatographic, spectroscopic, microscopic, and thermochemical methods. Thus, basic structure–property relationships regarding the influence of biomass source and isolation process on lignin amount, constitution, and 3D structure are highlighted. Furthermore, storage effects on lignin structure and degradation effects are presented. Finally, potential applications are discussed, including novel lignin-based hydrogels, composite compounds (hybrids), and nanomaterials. Focus is drawn to antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of lignin for applications in packaging and biomedicine, that is, biomaterials for drug release and tissue engineering.


Antimicrobial activity Antioxidant activity Biomass Biomaterial Biorefinery Cellulose Lignin Lignocellulose feedstock Pulping Renewable resource 



Financial support (scholarship) was given to Abla Alzagameem by the Avempace-II Erasmus-Mundus Programme and the Graduate Institute of the Bonn-Rhein- Sieg University of Applied Sciences.


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