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How Brexit May Affect Banks’ Business Models and the Financial System in the UK and EU: Opportunity to Revitalise the Existing Banking Structures?

  • Claudio Scardovi
  • Rabia Deniz Agaoglu


The purpose of this article is to discuss the potential impacts of the Brexit on the UK- and EU-based financial institutions and the City of London specifically and to present the varied options available especially for investment banks, asset and wealth managers, payments services and insurance companies to plan for and achieve a smooth and orderly transition to a post-Brexit world. The analysis underlying this paper started in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote (in the six months following the referendum) and we reviewed a wide range of external sources, news articles and research papers as well as used insights from our own experience of assisting many financial services organisations in the UK and across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to review and restructure their operating models. We suggest that financial services organisations should use this transition period triggered by Brexit as an opportunity to build innovative and more efficient business models to help strengthen the UK and the EU banking systems.


Brexit Passporting Exit scenario(s) Transition Banking 




Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive

Article 50

Article 50 sets out the procedure by which a Member State can leave the EU


Assets under management


Central counter-party, also known as a clearing house


Capital Requirements Directive


European Economic Area


European Market Infrastructure Regulation


Provisions in certain pieces of EU legislation allow market access to firms from non-EEA countries judged to have an equivalent regulatory and supervisory regime to the EU


European Union


Foreign exchange


Know Your Customer


Markets in Financial Instruments Directive


Over the Counter. Refers securities traded outside a formal exchange


The right for a firm registered in the EEA to do business in any other EEA state without needing further authorisation


Return on equity


Undertakings for the Collective Investment of Transferable Securities


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  • Rabia Deniz Agaoglu
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