Totally Endoscopic Aortic Valve Replacement (TEAVR)

  • Marco Vola


The future algorythm regulating the equilibrium between TAVI and Surgical aortic valve replacement can be imaged but is not yet defined. We do not know which will be the baseline of remaining isolated SAVR. If most research energies are logically invested in TAVI, surgery can still evolve in order to provide the minimal degree of wall chest trauma in the subset of patients that still require a complete removal of the underlying pathology (valve leaflets). Totally endoscopic aortic valve replacement (TEAVR), and Robotic TEAVR are part of this evolution. Initial experiences in selected low risk patients seem promising. We decribe in this chapter the technicall details of this challenging research process.



Dr. Vola has been a proctor and performed lectures for Medtronic.


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