Aortic Valve Sparing: Reimplantation Technique

  • Carmelo MignosaEmail author
  • Antonino S. Rubino


In 1992, David and Feindel firstly described a technique to preserve the aortic valve during aortic root replacement [1]. Since then, the valve sparing procedures gained widespread diffusion and stimulated the research on the treatment of aortic valve insufficiency and the physiopathology of the aortic root [2–4].

Supplementary material

Video 13.1

Intraoperative view of the proximal line of suture reinforced with Teflon pledgets along the virtual basal ring. To avoid any damage to the conduction tissue, the suture should be seated on the side of the perimembranous septum, beneath the aortic valve leaflets (WMV 30540 kb)

Video 13.2

Intraoperative view of the aortic wall reimplanted inside a straight tubular graft (WMV 75849 kb)


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