Retrorectal (Presacral) Tumors

  • Ramon A. Brown
  • David A. Margolin


Retrorectal tumors encompass a heterogeneous group of lesions and neoplasms that demonstrate variable growth patterns. As a result of their anatomic location these rare lesions, manifest with non-specific symptoms that makes their initial diagnosis difficult. Often they are found incidentally on physical exam or imaging in the work up of other disease processes. While these lesions are fairly well documented in the literature they are discussed largely in case studies. The largest series is maintained by the Mayo clinic representing 1 in 40,000 hospital admissions. This chapter will illustrate and characterize the etiology, diagnosis and management of these lesions, specifically focusing on minimally invasive approaches to this disease process.


Retrorectal tumors Presacral tumors Rectal neoplasms 


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