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Camera Synchronization for Panoramic Videos

  • Vamsidhar R. Gaddam
  • Ragnar Langseth
  • Håkon K. Stensland
  • Carsten Griwodz
  • Michael Riegler
  • Tomas Kupka
  • Håvard Espeland
  • Dag Johansen
  • Håvard D. Johansen
  • Pål Halvorsen


Multi-camera systems are frequently used in applications such as panorama videos creation, free-viewpoint rendering, and 3D reconstruction. A critical aspect for visual quality in these systems is that the cameras are closely synchronized. In our research, we require high-definition panorama videos generated in real time using several cameras in parallel. This is an essential part of our sports analytics system called Bagadus, which has several synchronization requirements. The system is currently in use for soccer games at the Alfheim stadium for Tromsø IL and at the Ullevaal stadium for the Norwegian national soccer team. Each Bagadus installation is capable of combining the video from five 2 K cameras into a single 50 fps cylindrical panorama video. Due to proper camera synchronization, the produced panoramas exhibit neither ghosting effects nor other visual inconsistencies at the seams. Our panorama videos are designed to support several members of the trainer team at the same time. Using our system, they are able to pan, tilt, and zoom interactively, independently over the entire field, from an overview shot to close-ups of individual players in arbitrary locations. To create such panoramas, each of our cameras covers one part of the field with small overlapping regions, where the individual frames are transformed and stitched together into a single view. We faced two main synchronization challenges in the panorama generation process. First, to stitch frames together without visual artifacts and inconsistencies due to motion, the shutters in the cameras had to be synchronized with sub-millisecond accuracy. Second, to circumvent the need for software readjustment of color and brightness around the seams between cameras, the exposure settings were synchronized. This chapter describes these synchronization mechanisms that were designed, implemented, evaluated, and integrated in the Bagadus system.


Camera array Panorama video Frame stitching Shutter synchronization Exposure synchronization 



This work has been performed in the context of the iAD Centre for Research-based Innovation (project number 174867), and it is also supported in part by the EONS project (project number 231687)—both funded by the Research Council of Norway. Furthermore, there are numerous students and researchers that have worked on Bagadus or post-Bagadus solutions. For the synchronization of cameras, the authors want to acknowledge in alphabetical order: Alexander Eichhorn, Martin Stensgård, and Simen Sægrov.


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  • Ragnar Langseth
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  • Håkon K. Stensland
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  • Carsten Griwodz
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  • Michael Riegler
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