Advanced Surgery and Complications

  • Philippe Abimelec
  • Christian Dumontier


Advanced nail surgery is simply a step forward in dermatologic surgery. As the procedures are more sophisticated, they require a better surgical environment, occasionally the help of an anesthesiologist and specific surgical instruments. Many procedures have been described, but complete excision of nail with skin graft reconstruction, nail bed or nail matrix grafting, surgery of the digital myxoid cyst are among the most frequent. Any surgical procedure relies on a good knowledge of the anatomy, the extensor tendon being the closest to the nail unit and the most at risk. This chapter described how dermatologists can handle these difficulties and avoid postoperative complications.


Nail Nail surgery Nail matrix excision Non-vascularized nail transfer Vascularized nail transfer Nail bed repair Nail fold incision Myxoid cyst Nail tumors Pain Hematoma Nail spicules Skin graft Post-traumatic nail dystrophies Hook-nail deformity Nail matrix repair 


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