Nail Emergencies

  • Judith Dominguez-Cherit
  • Daniela Gutierrez-Mendoza


Nail emergencies are a result of trauma, infeccion or inflammatory diseases. The most frequent of them is subungual hematoma and avulsion of the fingertip. This is a frequent problem that can be painful. It may result in laboral absence, hand disability, painful and difficulty in walking. These type of emergencies are treated by podologist, plastic, orthopedic or general surgeons, and in most cases if mistreated, they result in permanent nail deformities. Nail emergencies should be recognized and treated immediately to avoid aesthetic and functional consequences. Dermatologist, and surgical dermatologists, should have the knowledge to treat these cases because they are the specialists with most knowledge and training of the anatomy and physiology of the nail apparatus.


Nail emergencies Sububgual hematoma Nail pain Crushing injuries Acute paronychia Fingertip Nail Nail lacerations Onychocryptosis Onycholysis Nail bed Laceration 

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