Painful Nail

  • Avner Shemer


Painful nail is a common result of many inflammatory and vascular diseases, as well as trauma, of the nail unit. A wide range of diseases may cause different types of nail pain, and those diseases are generally divided to different subcategories: trauma, inflammations/infections, tumours, vascular disorders, and papulosquamous diseases. These subcategories help in diagnosing and differentiating the different diseases. It is important to note that there is a wide range of severity for every disease and therefore the symptoms, especially pain, may vary. It is necessary to have an accurate diagnosis in order to provide suitable treatment and if possible remove the cause.


Painful nail Nail trauma Inflammation Infection Nail unit tumours Vascular disorders of the nail unit Papulosquamous disorders of the nail unit Acute pain of the nail unit Chronic pain of the nail unit Proximal pain of the nail unit Onychomycosis Ingrown nail Paronychia 

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