Speaking from Wales: Building a Modern Languages Community in the Era of Brexit

  • Claire Gorrara


This chapter suggests that in Wales there is considerable momentum to arrest and reverse the decline in language learning. Since 2014, the Welsh government, universities, schools, cultural institutes and third-sector organisations have been working in partnership to deliver initiatives at local, regional and national levels. These initiatives aim at increasing the uptake of modern languages and at inspiring young people in Wales to develop a more global mindset. The chapter outlines the current context for modern languages in Wales. It profiles a case study project that uses mentoring to promote modern languages study to secondary-school pupils. Assessing the likely impact of Brexit for modern languages policy and education, it concludes that there is impetus within the modern languages community in Wales to develop an integrated programme for modern languages, which begins in primary school and continues to university.


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  • Claire Gorrara
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  1. 1.Cardiff School of Modern Languages/ Ysgol Ieithoedd Modern Prifysgol CaerdyddCardiff/CaerdyddUK

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