International Asset Recovery and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

  • Dimitris Ziouvas


The chapter analyses the procedures and conditions for asset recovery set by the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). It presents the legal tools for international cooperation and mutual legal assistance in trans-border asset recovery. It explores the interconnection between grand corruption, money laundering and transnational organized crime (UNTOC) before addressing the problems of failed victim states and states in transition in recovering stolen assets as well as the implications of settlement agreements for victims’ rights. The research identifies national (Switzerland and Canada) and regional (Arab Forum on Asset Recovery) best practices in asset recovery and presents the Ao Man-Long case. The chapter argues that UNCAC’s full potential as an autonomous legal basis for asset recovery still remains to be discovered by recovering jurisdictions and practitioners.


UNCAC Asset recovery Corruption Money laundering International cooperation Victims 

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  • Dimitris Ziouvas
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