The Praxis–Reflection–Action Model: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Pastoral Care and Psychotherapy

  • Varughese Jacob


Based on the historical perspective of understanding the pastoral care needs of Asian-Indians as discussed in Chaps.  2 and  3, along with the empirical data analyzed and interpreted in Chap.  4, this chapter proposes a pastoral psychotherapeutic model for Asian-Indian families living in the United States. The development is premised upon the following questions:
  • What are the care needs of Asian-Indian immigrant families dealing with alienation resulting from immigrating to the United States, as informed by an understanding of their cultural reality?

  • Based on their care needs, what kind of a counseling model is required for doing appropriate and effective pastoral counseling with Asian-Indian immigrant families in the United States, taking seriously their cultural heritage and the ensuing cultural clash between multiple cultural generations?

  • What, if anything, do various resources premised on a Western perspective of identity development have to offer in the construction of an interdisciplinary approach of pastoral care and counseling with Asian-Indian immigrants considering the difference in culture and the two notions of self—the individualistic self (Western) versus collective identity—which Asian-Indian immigrants navigate?

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