Evidence for Anesthetic Practice in Liver Transplant Anesthesiology

  • Ryan M. Chadha


Liver transplantation remains one of the most intricate surgical procedures. Due to the complex involvement of all organ systems in end-stage liver disease, it requires a plethora of invasive monitors, the full complement of cardiac and pharmacological agents, and constant communication with the surgeon. Since the first successful liver transplants in the late 1960s there has been significant advancement in surgical technique, donor selection and anesthetic management. In the current era, good outcomes with long-term graft function are standard and to be expected in most cases.

With an increasing number of liver transplant centers in the United States, identifying interventions that improve outcome are critical. This chapter aims to examine the evidence, if existent, of common therapies and interventions in liver transplant anesthesiology. We will evaluate five intraoperative interventions: pulmonary artery catheters, transesophageal echocardiography, viscoelastic testing...


Randomized clinical trial Pulmonary artery catheters Transesophageal echocardiography Viscoelastic testing Coagulation management Renal replacement therapy 


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