Impaction Grafting of the Femur (IGF)

  • Eustathios Kenanidis
  • Eleftherios Tsiridis
  • Eduardo García-Cimbrelo
  • Eduardo García-Rey
  • Martin Buttaro
  • Jillian Lee
  • William Farrington

Current Concepts

  • E. Kenanidis
  • E. Tsiridis

Impaction grafting technique was initially described for the acetabulum [1, 2]. IGF was first performed with a cemented tapered polished stem and morselized fresh-frozen bone allografts in Exeter, England, in 1987 [3]. Gie and Ling popularised the technique [4] that was refined by the development of specialised instruments from Nijmegen group in Holland [5].

The principal benefit of the technique is that it potentially restores the femoral bone stock as the impacted allograft is incorporated and remodeled by the host skeleton. In the last few years, IGF use was diminished. This was mainly attributed to the ensuing popularity of other less time-consuming surgical techniques [6].


  • The reconstruction of cavitary femoral defects with impacted fresh-frozen morselized bone graft to create a new endosteal surface and neo-medullary canal to host the primary cemented stem [6].

  • Initially the densely packed cancellous graft and cement complex...


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