Understanding Anorexic Behaviour

  • Jane MorrisEmail author


  • What can go wrong in the management of acute and severe cases of anorexia nervosa?

  • How can we improve the quality of acute medical care for such patients? Why are patients not always managed in psychiatric settings?

  • How can we diagnose and understand the so-called ‘eating disorders’—what are the physical and psychological conditions ‘which may mimic them’? Are they diagnoses of exclusion?

  • What are the causes of eating disorders and how can they be distinguished from ‘lifestyle choices’ or bad behaviour?

  • How common are anorexia and bulimia nervosa, and is there any increase in recent years?

  • What is the prognosis, and what should be our expectations for patients with severe anorexia nervosa?


Jane Morris

is a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Eden Unit, Aberdeen, and Clinical Lead for the North of Scotland managed Clinical Network for Eating Disorders.


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  1. 1.Eden UnitRoyal Cornhill HospitalAberdeenUK

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