Pelvic Lymphadenectomy

  • Jordi PonceEmail author
  • Marc Barahona
  • M. Jesus Pla


The aim of this chapter is to describe the technique tips and tricks of robotic pelvic lymphadenectomy. We explain the differences between the Da Vinci S ® , Da Vinci Si ® and Da Vinci Xi ® systems, docking and instruments. We also describe the boundaries of dissection and surgical technique. We explain our methodology step by step and include pictures and videos. We also detail possible complications and their resolution.


Pelvic lymphadenectomy Robotic surgery DaVinci 

Supplementary material

Video 16.1

Da Vinci S ® conventional docking (MP4 58923 kb)

Video 16.2

Da Vinci Xi ® double docking (MP4 42533 kb)

Video 16.3

Starting dissection from superior vesical artery (MP4 312940 kb)

Video 16.4

Dissection on external iliac vessels (MP4 393105 kb)

Video 16.5

Lateral approach to the obturator fossa (MP4 198916 kb)

Video 16.6

Lymph node dissection and extraction (MP4 186661 kb)

Video 16.7

Final visualisation of the dissected field (MP4 104911 kb)

Video 16.8

Vascular injury and suture (MP4 103283 kb)

Video 16.9

Obturator nerve suture (MP4 107747 kb)

Video 16.10

Sentinel node by ICG and Firefly ® system (MP4 81781 kb)


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