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Introduction to Clinical Aspects Chapters

  • Alain TaïebEmail author
  • Mauro Picardo


The following chapters cover the entities delineated in the current nosology of vitiligo (vitiligo/NSV and its variants Chap.  5), segmental vitiligo Chap.  6, mixed vitiligo Chap.  7, and rare variants Chap.  8, in accordance with the recent VGICC international consensus summarized in Chap.  2. The clinical aspects and natural history are treated in more detail and illustrated.

In addition, specific clinical aspects are highlighted such as subtypes of mucocutaneous pigment cell involved by vitiligo: mucosal, hair follicle, and nevus cells Chap.  9; involvement of extracutaneous melanocytes Chap.  10; environmental triggers such as Koebner’s phenomenon and occupational vitiligo Chaps.  11 and  12 associated disorders and comorbidities including autoimmune/inflammatory disorders, immunodeficiencies, and rare monogenic diseases Chap.  13; age and vitiligo, childhood, pregnancy, and late-onset disease Chap.  14; skin colour Chap.  15; and vitiligoid changes occurring during immunotherapies of melanoma Chap.  16.

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