The Architecture of a Complex System: The Oradea Metropolitan Area in Romania

  • Cristina Stănuș
Part of the Governance and Public Management book series (GPM)


This chapter approaches the experience of inter-municipal cooperation in the metropolitan area corresponding to one of Romania’s largest cities. It shows that, in a national context not yet ready for the notion of metropolitan authority, making metropolitan cooperation work and achieving palpable results in terms of economies of scale and scope in service delivery require the setting up of a very complex structure. This complexity poses challenges in terms of decision-making and inter-sectoral coordination, while at the same time creates favourable premises for the political accountability of inter-municipal cooperation arrangements. This complexity has also proven to be the seed for voluntary bottom-up amalgamation initiatives, although, so far, such initiatives have not reached their goal.



Partial data collection for this chapter was financed from the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu research grant LBUS-IRG-2016-02.


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