Case Study: Education in Support of Social Transformation—The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

  • Barry Burciul
  • Kim Kerr


The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is the largest private scholarship program ever implemented for African youth. The Program seeks to develop a cohort of next-generation leaders, who will support social transformation and economic growth. This case study reviews the Program’s approach, early results, and learning. It demonstrates how a donor and its partners are engaging in real-time with issues discussed in this book, for instance, the role of scholarships for international education in the context of an Africa-focused initiative. It analyzes the delivery of recruitment and leadership training in the context of the program’s overarching theory of change. At the “meta-level”, the case explores the monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework and how results are woven back into the Program’s operations.


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  • Barry Burciul
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  • Kim Kerr
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